Welcome to Elessar!

We are a small group of writers whose love for words and stories culminates in a long-term collaborative Role-Playing project. We here at Elessar use real-time writing to focus on character development as well as enjoying a detailed world/setting in which we play small plots as well as over-arching story arcs.

New players can create a character and join us for short stories, called scenes. Each player writes a paragraph or two from their character’s perspective, responding to what the others have done, while pursuing their own, internal goals. Records of these RP scenes are the blog posts you see on the Roleplay Logs page.

We use several platforms for RP, but primarily Discord and MUSH — read about how to get started with us right away on the Join Us/Live Chat page!

Our Roleplay setting is Tolkien’s Middle-Earth in the Fourth Age — but even for people who are not experts in Tolkien’s works, it is easy to find a niche to play in! There are pirates, knights, horse nomads, slaves, nobles, merchants, scholars, and craftsmen, just to name a few; good and evil and everything in between. You can read more about the setting we play in by exploring our World Info and Story Info pages from the main menu!

By engaging with us in our collaborative story, you can:

  • Learn how to develop deep characterization and character motivation.
  • Practice visualizing your surroundings, and writing a variety of senses.
  • Pick up stylistic techniques, and practice implementing them in different ways with ease in a low-pressure, but fast-paced, exploratory environment.
  • Overcome writer’s block — Real-time writing in collaboration with others can allow you to write without over-thinking or being choked by your internal critic.